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Lithium, highly reactive and flammable, do not eat it; it may make you distractible! 

GOAL: You will meet Lithium (Li). Periodic Table is mentioned. Tom-the-Atom introduces the concept of electronegativity, and defines Positive and Negative Ions, and explain Ionic Bonds.

All the 92 naturally occurring atoms are divided into three general groups of atoms: Metals, Metalloid (or Semimetals), and Non-Metals. Humans ordered all 92 atoms into a Periodic Table. That is a smart way to organize the atoms. Tom-the-Atom starts to introduce his siblings in an orderly manner. 

Lithium is of the Alkali Metals family, Column 1, Group 1A of the Periodic Table.

Tom-the-Atom talks to you about a property of atoms that is called “Charge.” CHARGE is a fundamental property of any matter, as weight, color, etc.  In Nature, electrons have a negative charge.  The protons have a positive charge.  Any atoms in the Universe can have three types of electrical charges: negative (too many electrons), positive (also few electrons), or neutral (electrons = protons). 


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