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To review from the blue, make you mind glue, grab the sense, and forget the nonsense!

GOAL: Review the concepts learned.  

 Mary chooses to review Aluminum and Batteries.  Henry and his friend talk about Silicon and semiconductors.

Today, their school friends visit them to play with the concepts they had learned.  Henry and Mary’s parents help with the experiments.

This past week, Henry and Mary learned a great deal: Copper and the Oxidation States concept, which indicates to the reader the possible charge that an atom will adopt when becoming an ion.  They also learned about a sub-group among the Transition Metals’ large Family: The Noble Metals.  Gold is part of that small subgroup.  When, together with his tuples, Mary and Henry learn why Gold does not like to share nor steal valence electrons.  He is “Noble”!  They were introduced to the concept of Radiation and met Uranium.  They discovered the differences between a Nuclear Weapon and a Nuclear Power plant.  

Henry loved to meet Silicon, from the Semi- Metals family.

Mary loved to meet Aluminum from the Basic Metal family and discover how familiar she was with Aluminum without really knowing it.

Today will be a fun day playing with concepts learned during the previous week!


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