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Cuckoo Copper. Pretty and bright, you heat fast and let electrons to pass!

GOAL: Meet Copper (Cu). Metal Alloys are explained.  

Copper is a colorful member of the Transition Metal family, Group 3B, a brother of Iron.  He is used to reinforcing the concept of Oxidation States in atoms. 

Not all metals exist in Nature as pure metals.  Copper is one of the few metals found as a native metal (Copper atoms together) or forms compounds with other atoms.

Tom-the-Atom introduces the concept of Metal Alloys.  Copper is widely used because he is easily made into wires (it is malleable).  He is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat.  That is why it is used for the wiring in your home. One alloy of Copper and Tin called Bronze was so popular among humans that it gave a name to an era known as the “Bronze Era” Thousands of years ago.


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