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Argon march on, watchful, and chock full!

GOAL: To meet Argon and to explain the Noble Gases family’s characteristics.

After school, Mary and Henry run to meet Tom-the-Atom and visit his world, but they must be back in time for dinner.  In this short trip, Tom-the-Atom introduces you to Mary and Henry, a member of the Noble Gases family to which Argon belongs.

Members of the Noble Gases family have all their shells, including their outermost valence shell full of electrons to their rim.  They do not need to “handshake” with any other atom to borrow or give away electrons; that is why they are not reactive and do not need to shake hands!  They do not form chemical bonds.

Argon is often used by welders to protect the weld area from oxidation. He is employed in incandescent light bulbs to stop Oxygen from corroding the filament.  Argon is also used to displace Oxygen and moisture-containing air in packaging material to extend the contents’ shelf-life.  High-purity chemicals and pharmaceuticals are sometimes packed and sealed in Argon.


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