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GOAL: You will meet tiny Hydrogen (H) and pleasant Oxygen (O). Tom-the-Atom gives you an example of combining with different atoms using two covalent bonds to form a water molecule.  

Tom-the-Atom introduces two of his brothers within his same family (Non-Metals).

Each one of two Hydrogen (H) atoms share one “hand” and one “empty sleeve” with the Oxygen (O) atom to form a water molecule (H2O; i.e., H-O-H). Water is a very happy and stable molecule. Many water molecules together make the water you use in your bath to clean yourself or drink in a glass when you are thirsty. Water is an essential molecule in the world because life could not exist without water. Do you know that more than 65% of your body is water? Water is crucial to life and has many beautiful properties. 

Pure Magic!


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