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Bonds make a world fond! 

GOAL: Tom-the-Atom introduces the concept of Covalent Bonds, or “handshakes,”

Covalent Bonds allow atoms to share the outermost shell’s electrons and make molecules that build everything in the Universe.

Only the outermost shell’s electrons are called valence electrons or “hands.” Each shell can accommodate a maximum number of electrons (usually up to eight). In contrast, the “empty spaces,” if any, in the outermost shell, are called by Tom-the-Atom “empty sleeves.”

One Covalent Bond is formed when two atoms share one “hand” and one “empty sleeve” simultaneously to produce a firm “handshake.” 

Tom-the-Atom and his tuples (many identical twins) can create a material from a shiny diamond to a dull graphite piece, just by shaking “hands”!  


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